Far Cry 3 Looks Like A First-Person Action Flick

A five-minute promotional reel of gameplay from Far Cry 3 hit YouTube late on Friday, and appears to be cut to show you all the game's set pieces as much as the game's luxurious visuals.

There's some swearing in these clips so, headphones if you're somewhere where hearing that is inappropriate, like church.

All I recognise from this is the opening two or so minutes, which look like a level I saw back at E3. In some of these sequences, particularly the doctor's office, it's hard to tell where the game is on auto-pilot and what the game is controlling.

Still, get a load of that lighting and the level of detail. Well, it is Far Cry, right? My takeaway: if there is water nearby, you're gonna be diving into it, which was my first impression at E3, too.

Ooh: Quite A Bit Of Far Cry 3 Footage [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    The gameplay just looks like a modded COD game. Was excited but now not so much.

      I think you will find CoD started to copy the visual style of the cry engine, considering it started on Unreal engine and now this cry engine copy. So, little boy.

        What? I don't even... He didn't...

        Ok first of all he said nothing about the visuals, he said it emulated cod's gameplay (which I disagree). Second of all, neither cod or any far cry game ever used Unreal engine. Cod was Quake 3, then internal IW developed engine based off of quake engine. Far cry was cry engine then Dunia. I assume FC3 uses Dunia again

          Far cry 3 is using cryengine 3, crysis 2's engine.

            Far Cry 3 actually runs on a modified Dunia engine rather than CryEngine 3.

          Dunia was developed by some guy at crytek and is based of the cryengine anyway so effectively its the cryengine just modified.

      1. This looks quite impressive running on an Xbox.
      2. Call of Duty! You weren't kidding.

    looks pretty cool

    auto health...yuck...

      Yeah though hopefully there will be a hard difficulty where it is turned off.

      I don't really understand the hate for auto health. Having health just introduces backtracking.

        having health introduces tactics and pressure. having health puts you in dire situations where you have to fight for survival at 5% health, to sneak around carefully with the added pressure that now youre fragile as hell. auto health just means you hide behind a goddamn wall for three seconds and youre a god again.

        auto health has been a major contributor in the dumbing down of shooters in the last 10+ years.

          Bloody good answer. I think you've convinced me!

            BOOM! That was one of the most concise and discussion ending answers on this topic ever. I say kudos for ending this once eternal war of venomous argument.

              Holy smokes mate... You saying that has only just made me realise that.. call me ignorant but i never really thought of it that way. Thankyou

    Ahhh that underwater part was cool!

    Looks awesome.

    I was playing Far Cry 2 multiplayer last night. Still holds up.

    was a huge fan of the first far cry but far cry 2 was a big disappointment for me. Not sure how i feel about this one yet

    Any chance of you getting mutant powers like the first one?

    Wow, that looks awesome. Far Cry 2 had so much potential, but was a missed opportunity. I hope they've fixed up the problems and annoyances of FC2

    Hopefully instead of having to wait a whole 5 minutes for a checkpoint you JUST CLEARED to totally fill up with bad guys again, you can just look at your feet for a few seconds, then look back up and start afresh on the new recruits.

      I'm just curious - Is this a second "Sam" on Kotaku, or are you the same one who likes to troll me? I see two Sams posting, and one has a picture of wolverine and the other doesn't. The one without the picture is a bit of a jerk, I'm pretty sure this isn't you but would be handy to know.

        No, he is not me.

        Also I don't troll you, I genuinely hate you.

          That's not very nice.

    I wish in shooters instead of being 'shot' you got like an indication of how close you were to being shot, its so annoying playing with blood all over your screen and constantly being clipped, those white indicators are way too distracting

      I like the white gun fire indicators, but hopefully you can turn them off if you like or at least tone them down a bit

    I got a bad feeling that the mushroom sequence will get this banned here.

      As long as you don't take mushrooms for a health boost the game should be fine.
      usually the Classification board get antsy on drugs in games when they are portrayed as a benefit in the game, such as the stat boosts the Fallout drugs offered. Also some of the drugs in fallout had real names.

        I hope you're right, because I'm quite looking forward to this game.

      i doubt it. uncharted 3 didn't get banned and it had a whole section with nate tripping balls.

        So did the original Max Payne

    I've loved both of the Far Cry games, and Ubisoft have a solid track record wqith FPS'. I'm looking forward to this one, and the video just makes it look awesome.
    Also, health packs! Bring back the health pack! Insomniac listened, (although not necessarily to me, exclusively), Ubisoft should too!

    I want to get this on the PC, but I fear Ubisoft's use of DRM. I guess we'll see closer to the release date.

    Agree 100% with stu.

    I think it is a bit more fast paced than FC1 and 2, i remember copping a beating in FC2, but this guy is sprinting around romping everything left, right and centre.

    I just really hope there's no where near as much fucking around as there was in FC2, it took forever to do anything with 90 million NPCS ambushing / spawning on you every 23 meters.

      The whole romping might be due to the player playing the level over and over so they could catch a nice sequence for the demo.

        Fond memories of starting accidental bush fires i had to run away from with my Carl gustav back-blast

    2005 called and want their visuals back. This looks really boring.

      1999 called and asked for its insult back.

      It's running on console, it doesnt look too shabby. If that were pc though Id be sharting BRICKS.

    hahahaha you guys did change the resolution to 720p on the video right? Right? OMG ITS TEH PIXELATED WURST GAME EVAR

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