Final Fantasy Bringing Pricey DLC To 3DS

Final Fantasy Bringing Pricey DLC To 3DS

While Nintendo’s said it would help ensure that DLC pricing isn’t unreasonable, Square Enix shows us the future. One downloadable song for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is ¥150 ($1.95); all eight tracks are ¥1200 ($15) Not cheap! [忍之閻魔帳]


  • Yeah.. yeah thats all fine and dandy..

    Question is when is he english release?!?! Seeing as Ninty were bastards about region locking so i can’t import this gem on my 3DS >.<

  • Let’s not forget that the Japanese prices are always higher, so just showing it in dollars most likely will not be the price here. It will most likely be cheaper than $15.

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