Final Fantasy VI Versus VII: The MIDIning...

Feel like hearing some rocking MIDI beats? [Awkward silence... shuffling of feet] What about if those rocking MIDI beats were a pretty elaborate remix of music from Final Fantasy VI and VII?

Being perfectly honest, I don't ascribe this music the same nostalgia I'm sure some of you do, but it still seems like this insane blast of drums and bombast. Listen to it, and wait for your ears to start bleeding.

Thanks Nathan!


    That's pretty sweet, but not quite as awesome (in my opinion at least) as this Castlevania medley by the video game cover band "S.S.H.":

    The 5 minute mark is face-meltingly awesome. :D

      Pfft you and your puny earth band about about to get owned - BY POWERGLOVE!

        Hah, not bad, not bad... Bonus points for an awesome name too. ;)

      That's Iron Maiden at 5:00...


    Ahem... Megaman Guitar Remix ... That is all

    Dream theater at 3:30!

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