Final Fantasy XIV Dumps Worlds For Merger

Final Fantasy XIV Dumps Worlds For Merger

If you’ve been playing online game Final Fantasy XIV, you know there are 18 in-game worlds. That is going to change. Soon there will be 10.

“In order to improve the player experience, we will be merging Worlds on Tuesday, March 27, 2012,” stated Square Enix. “After the merge is completed, there will be a total of 10 Worlds, down from the current 18.”

Square Enix will require character transfers for all existing characters and must select a new post-merge world. Those who do not by the deadline will be assigned automatically to another world.

Current worlds, such as Cornelia, Kashuan, or Istory, simply become New World 01, New World 02, New World 03 and whatnot for the time being. What’s the difference? Well, Square Enix stated that New World 10 is recommended for German and French-speaking players.

Fret not, these worlds will get names. According to Square Enix, “The new Worlds shall inherit the names of the 10 most popular current Worlds. Name assignments will be announced after the transfer selection period has ended.”

The character transfer selection period runs from March 1 to March 19. The merger is slated for March 27.

More in the link below.

About the World Merge and Character Transfers (02/09/2012) [The Lodestone]


  • With what such a failure this game was, I think it should stay Free to Play, I ca’t imagine how many are going to stay on after it “reboots” and the subscription fee starts up again.

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