Float Like A Fireball, Sting Like A Dragon Punch

Take a look at this awesome graffiti found in the streets of Paris. A down and out Ryu from Street Fighter is added to that empowering image of Muhammad Ali's quickly-won 1965 heavyweight championship rematch against Sonny Liston, which these days you may see more often on the walls of college students than of boxing aficionados.


    Mohamed defeated Shen Long earlier in the tournament.

    L2Focus noob

    His right shoulder looks worry-some... wouldn't want to be hit with that...

    Ryu stil has some energy left in his life bar, he's playing possum adn is about to snap on a Shin Shoryuken

    Is it still graffiti is its not painted?
    That looks like some wallpaper stuck up there

      Yep, colloquially known as a stick-up. Still graffiti.

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