For Serious Skyrim Addicts, The Only Option Is Intervention

I shook my serious Skyrim addiction after a couple of weeks, but if you've only just noticed it's now February 2012, and that you've been playing the game non-stop for months now, you might need some help.

You might intervention.


    My wife threatened to smash my xbox over Skyrim, that's when I knew I had been playing it too much.

      i used to be a functioning human being like you until i didnt have a wife

    Am I the only one on the planet who played Skyrim, enjoyed it, but wasn't absolutely addicted to it? I found Oblivion and Morrowind more addictive.

    Thank God they released it just before holidays; Skyrim would be on par with school, and frankly they don't tolerate games at school. One would have had to go.

    I gave up Skyrim but then I took an arrow to the knee. Nothing to do but sit around and play Skyrim.

    ..... and guard the village.

      Gah! It got old when everyone started misquoting it. Took an arrow IN the knee, goddamit!

    Shook your addiction after 2 weeks?? 2 weeks ain't an addiction, it's a bender, ya lightweight!

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