For The Clean And Fastidious Gamer, There's This

An individual in Japan decided to make a pair of "gaming gloves" to keep his hands dry and warm, and his gaming controllers and portables clean.

They look silly, but knowing how grimy white gaming hardware can get, I'd say they are not only goofy, but they're also smart. Who needs style when you can get cleanliness?

ゲームするとき手袋するやつ [終わコン早速]


    I try not to think about how dirty my controllers/handhelds get right after I've cleaned them and touch them with my 'clean' hands.

    So this article is

    "Man buys pair of gloves, takes out thumbs and one finger"

    yup definitely a great topic for an article

    This guys such a sperglord.

    I wouldn't mind something for my white Mac

    Wait, so people don't do this? I've been doing this in various ways since the 70's. I always have at least one pair of these around the house or in my bag etc. It CAN'T just be me, surely?

    Kotaku, I do love you... but I really hope you posted this rubbish to humour us....

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