Forget The Spike’s, Here Are 2011’s Real Video Game Award Winners

Forget The Spike’s, Here Are 2011’s Real Video Game Award Winners

Those who like to complain about the annual Spike Video Game Awards, and yes, we’ve heard there are one or two of you, you’re missing the point. Don’t complain about the Spikes. Just forget all about them. And concentrate on the Interactive Achievement Awards instead!

Tonight, the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards went down at DICE in Las Vegas. The winners aren’t selected by TV voters, or magazine readers, they’re picked by members of the Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences. In other words, the peers of the video game industry.

While comedian Jay Mohr has by al accounts being doing his best to ruin the night, nothing will spoil things for the lucky few who picked up a very pointy trophy at the end of the night.

As the show is actually still going on, we’ll update this list as more winners are announced:

Best Original Music Composition: Portal 2

Best Sound Design: Battlefield 3

Best Story: Skyrim

Best Character Performance: Wheatley

Best Downloadable game: Bastion

Best Casual Game: Fruit Ninja Kinect

Social Networking Game of the Year: Sims Social

Role-playing MMO Game of the year: Skyrim


  • Im sorry what? i believe that skyrim is a great game, but when you think about it, its storyline sucked… hard..

  • Best story Skyrim?


    Skyrims story didn’t go much beyond your the chosen one go kill the big bad.

      • I’d say that while Skyrim is fantastic on the gameplay, exploration and world side, there were so many games which far surpassed it in terms of story. While the lore behind the game is fantastic, lore doesn’t make a game’s story any better unless it’s used properly. And I’d say that it wasn’t in Skyrim. There was so much more they could have done on the story end, and a lot of the stories felt recycled, especially the guild quests: “Join guild, kill stuff, find some epic artifact, solve guild crisis, guild master dies, you become guild master.”, just all in different orders. I found it hard to get entrenched in the story, and most of my enjoyment from the game came from the exploration and trampling through the huge number of dungeons.

        I’d personally have given the award to Witcher 2. Fantastic game with great writing, and a deep story.

        • Yeah, it would probably get Best Writing, but not Best Story. But is that how we, as gamers and developers, perceive of stories in our games? The biggest are the best?

          • I don’t know if you would call it best writing either.

            It would be something like best game universe or the like.

            Skyrim’s writing in my opinion is as bland as most other open world games get. You can’t go too far with one thing because it then overshadows other parts of the game. So you need to go for a roughly level playing field across the board.

            Plus when combined with a non speaking player character that only asks short questions things become far harder to write.

            Personally i would put Bastion’s Story over Skyrim’s. And i would probably say the narrator in the game which is the source of all writing is so well done that it overshadows the writing in Skyrim. Though how much of that is down to the voice actor and the way narration was done in the game i can’t say

    • Yeh, I was quite surprised, annoyed even, that Skyrim would win a best story category. There were a stupid amount of other games with fantastic stories. I would have thought The Witcher 2 would have been number 1 in most peoples’ minds.

  • I really can’t see how Portal 2 can win any awards for musical composition, sure there was hilarious ending choir, but that is merely a one-shot wonder amongst otherwise entire soundtrack of forgettable tunes. In fact there were so much more titles this year that did a better job.

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