Free-To-Play Microsoft Flight Launches Feb 29

Microsoft's casual take on the PC flight simulator takes to the air on February 29, the free-to-play title supplemented with $US20 of downloadable content right out of the gate. why fly just one Hawaiian island when you can fly them all?

Microsoft Flight is a flight simulator that's been developed with all levels of flying enthusiast in mind, from the pilot hopeful just a few lessons away from their licence to the simply fly-curious. When you're aiming at a demographic that wide, it's best to just throw the game on out there and see what sticks, which is what Microsoft is doing come February 29.

The free-to-play portion of the game gives players access to the big island of Hawaii, which sounds lovely. Those wishing for a little more premium content, however, can opt to purchase the Hawaiian Adventure Pack, a 1600 Microsoft point expansion pack that adds the rest of the state, a bunch of missions, and the Vans RV-6A, which I can only assume is a plane of some sort. *checks* Yes, it is a plane.

You don't have to buy the additional content, of course, but I'm sure Microsoft hopes you will.

Who's prepared for takeoff?

Microsoft Flight [Official Website]


    No thanks, I'll stick with my FSX with bunch of free add-ons installed.

    Same here, I'll stick with FSX. It might have been paying, but you had the whole planet, a bunch of planes, weather engine, ATC etc included. Now, you get almost nothing for free, and then you pay $20 for not even 1% of the content you used to get in the MS Flight Simulator franchise. So I'm boycotting this one, I don't want to send MS the message that this is the way to go.

    I am on the closed beta for this and I was really underwhelmed. Free flight seems drab. I could fly all of two planes and both of them are bland in the virtual cockpit and features sense. There are a lot more missions but they tend to be tedious "Collect the stars before time runs out" or landing challenges. I would much rather see a new proper version of Flight Simulator. I too will be sticking to my faithful FSX.

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