Futurama, Street Fighter And Last Airbender Leap Onto SoulCalibur V's Stage Of History

We already knew that SoulCalibur V's character creator is powerful enough to allow you to create all sorts of messes, but this ups the ante one notch more.

From recognisable characters of other famous fighting franchises to completely random (but equally recognisable) characters like Zoidberg or the cast of Community, the gallery of characters fans have created truly runs the gamut. I mean, it truly, truly does.

But this begs the question: Who gets served with the copyright infringement suit when Capcom gets pissed?

A Gallery That Proves You Can Be Anyone in Soul Calibur V [Unreality Magazine]


    Zoidberg is kinda eh but the rest of those are actually pretty awesome.

    Wow, that's how I imagined Aang looking if he was older.

    That's amazing and I know I would never be able to make anything nearly as close as those...

    Will Zoidberg fight using just his claws?

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