Game Gear Games Coming To The 3DS

Game Gear Games Coming To The 3DS

When I was young I had a Game Boy. An older boy on my street had the Game Gear. I was jealous. Games on the Game Gear always felt like they came from some distant, technologically advanced future. I begged and pleaded, but my parents never bought me one! Now, Nintendo has announced it’s bringing Game Gear games to the 3DS as part of the virtual console: the Game Boy and the Game Gear, together at last!

According to Andriasang, Game Gear titles will begin appearing on the 3DS virtual console from March 14, and will launch with three titles: Shinobi, Sonic and Tails 2 and Dragon Crystal Shirani’s Maze.

It’s probably worth noting that, at this stage, there have been no announcements for how this will be rolled out in the US, let alone Australia, where we tend to get a pretty gimped version of the online store as it is.

Still, they would be crazy to not release Game Gear games in the Australian region, considering how relatively popular the handheld was here.

I don’t know whether the 10 year old version of me would be happy or disgusted, but the 30 year old version of me thinks it’s a brilliant idea!

3DS Game Gear Virtual Console Begins in March [Andriasang]


  • This is awesome given i was only talking the other day about pulling my game gear out of retirement. The bonus of still having a game gear is the simple fact that i have a converter to play my master system games as well. When the DS can do THAT i’ll consider upgrading.

      • yeah thats more than likely. I just wish that the people who owned rights to these classic games would be more forthright in releasing them in current gen. I mean, seriously, handhelds and mobile phones are a MASSIVE market place for these old games, people will pay for them, and well, personal opinion, there are few app on any platform that meet the quality of some retro games. I miss them 🙁

  • I had one of these as a kid but for some reason, I don’t remember;

    – Asking for one?
    – How exactly I got it (Think Dad bought it in Asia)?
    – Why I still ignored it for the most part in comparison to my Game Boy?

    It was a forgettable handheld for me as a child.

  • It’ll be like when they had NeoGeo on PSN, but they cost a fortune each, often $30 for a retro game…

    Knowing Nintendo, if it does come out in Australia then they will seriously rip us off and make us pay 50% more than the US…

  • i’d much rather Megadrive titles honestly. Give me Aladdin, Sonic 2, Streets Of Rage, The Lion King, etc. I’d be all over these!

  • Given that they are colour games and Game boy Colour games are $9 you can expect them to be the same price. You can count me out. I almost threw up at their prices, they are over a decade old for christ sake!

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