Gamer Dies In Taipei Internet Cafe. Nine Hours Later, Someone Notices

Gamer Dies In Taipei Internet Cafe. Nine Hours Later, Someone Notices

Chen Rong-yu of Taiwan checked into an internet cafe in the city of New Taipei on Tuesday evening to play popular multiplayer PC game League of Legends. Wednesday evening a waitress found the 23-year-old sitting rigidly in his chair, hands outstretched towards the computer.

He had been dead for up to nine hours.

Intense levels of concentration and marathon gaming sessions are common at Chinese internet cafes, where players purchase computer time in order to log into their favourite online multiplayer games. So it makes a sad sort of sense that the 30 other people working and playing at the New Taipei location failed to realise they were sitting in the same room with a corpse for several hours.

Rong-yu was apparently witnessed talking on his phone around noon on Wednesday, the last time anyone recalls seeing him alive. Initial police reports indicate he may have died due to cardiac arrest brought on by blot clots formed due to a combination of cold temperatures, exhaustion and lack of movement. According to his family he had been treated for a heart condition last September.

Gamer Dies At Web Cafe — But No-One Notices [Sky News]


    • Because he was sitting upright with his hands on his keyboard and mouse in a darkened room… with 30 other people doing the exact same thing. Considering that most net cafes will tend to leave you alone while you’re gaming, it’s not surprising at all that this would go unnoticed for the longest time.

      Hell, they might have just thought he was asleep at his PC. I’ve fallen asleep that way many a time at LAN parties, and generally people just assume you’re, y’know, not dead.

    • His seat was directly behind a pillar and mostly hidden from the staff’s view at their table as well.

      What a terrible way to die.

  • So if he went there on Tuesday evening and was found Wednesday evening dead for nine hours he was only playing LoL for 15 hours?

    That doesn’t seem like overkill, I mean it’s more than I’d normally play videogames for but I could probably live through it. Seems odd to me.

    • Note in the article that he had a heart condition, which you (and probably everyone else in that room) doesn’t have.

    • It doesn’t take more than 3 hours of no movement for a blood clot to form in the deep veins of the legs. Having a heart condition makes it worse. The amount of time playing the game isn’t what killed him. This isn’t a case of exhaustion, it’s a case of DVT causing cardiac arrest.

  • Perhaps he developed blot clots in his legs, as sitting down for long periods of time increases that risk by a lot.

  • Calling someone chinese from taiwan is like calling someone from pakistan an indian. (looking for trouble :P) Whilst technically they are from the same lineage, They are akin to someone taking your gold plated balls and going to a new home.

    • Except, Taiwan’s full name is the Republic of China. It’s the remnant of the pre-Maoist revolution China, and they refer to themselves as Taiwanese and Chinese interchangably. I get your point, as at first glance there seems to be a parallel with the partition of the sub-continent, but in this case it’s not really correct. It’s more like the two Koreas.

  • This is why I always play games with a big bottle of water… i make sure to finish the damn thing (and get a new one) so at least every hour or so I have to go take a piss.. which requires me to get up and move about.. even if you are only out of your seat for a minute.. it’s good to stretch the legs…

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