GameStop's Latest Deal Makes No Damn Sense

Look once at this poster and it'll seem obvious. Buy something expensive, get two of something cheaper for free.

By the second look you see the mistake.

By the third look you notice the bad maths, which makes it impossible to actually make good on the offer.

Check Out This Amazing Deal! (Brought to You by Gamestop™) [NeoGAF]


    Other than offering 2 different gran turismo versions which does seem a bit redundant, i don't see the problem. Is it the date? Because you can tell they are just using the american date system month/day. 1st of feb to 31 of march. Whats the big error?

      If pick the GT games, you'd only be getting 1 game.
      If you pick GT and the Ico/SoTC, you'd be getting 3 games.
      I think thats the solution to this puzzle.

      I am confused, aside from the two version of GT it all seems legit and makes perfect sense.

      On first look it seemed legit

      on second look i noticed no mistake. deal valid 1st feb to 31st march.

      and at 3rd look I come to the conclusion that you must be drunk Luke...

      You are aware that GameStop, being American and all, use the americandate format? you know, MM/DD/YY...

    So there are two types of Gran Turismo 5 to choose from, and none of the games on offer are 3D compatible..... not a good thing to offer with a 3D bundle.

      No, all of those games are 3D compatible, even if two of them are the same game.

      Gran Turismo 5 can be played in 3D after updates. And if you notice carefully, the box says 3D compatible. Should check carefully mate :P

    Is the fail that SotC and Ico Collection gives your two games in itself? Meaning that if you got that, you'd have your two games, meaning that you really only have two options, taking two copies of GT5 or taking the Collection?

    Okay I'm lost, where's the math fail?

    So Luke... going to actually address this or just leaving this random article hanging?

      Luke would never address his articles after posting. Certainly not on the AU site, at least.

    ... this article makes no damn sense. Its probably a typo (pico?), or they have 2 versions of GT just in case one runs out. Who cares.

    Is it just that there isn't really a choice? There are only two different title to choose from?

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