Gaming Kids Don't Know How Good They Have It

In today's completely grown-up edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter DukeofWulf muses on how easy it is for kids today to fill all of that free time they've got with copious amounts of free gaming, the little snots.

Today is a good day to be a kid.

When I was young, I had all the time in the world and no money to buy games. Now that I work, I have money but no time to game; meanwhile, you can download a demo of practically anything and quality games are available on Flash sites for free and on Steam for a pittance.

As much as I treasure my memories of Duck Hunt (muzzle against the screen, natch), Tie Fighter and Starcraft on dial-up, I can't help but envy the choice available to kids today.

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    Lucky bastards. Gets worse when you have a woman. Then you have no time, no video games, and no money :(

      Ah i have it lucky just starting UNI plenty of time to play video games and no women in my life :] and i have a part time job to pay for my games and pc.
      Guess i do have it lucky

    For gaming, yeah, but have you seen the quality of children these days? I'd be on the poster for social reject and happy about it. Ugh, demographics.

    I want kids to have to experience the constant annoyance of dial up. Let them know how much easier things have gotten for them...

      What's more sickening is these same little snots, in the future when their children have almost every device seamlessly interconnected via Internet etc. Thye will complain and talk about "how annoying it was to have to transfer data via usb drives" and such.

      Here you go!

      This whole series is really good, and it shows how amazingly fast technology has progressed in the space of thirty years.

      (It's also hilarious to see the boy kick up a fuss when he has to make do with the Mega Drive instead of getting the SNES!)

    As the younger demographic here, I completely agree that there are some ungrateful kids my age who just piss and moan about not getting the newest game...

    *Relating slightly to the "Zelda is getting worse" article*

    Over the weekend there was some family visiting. A semi-related child begged me to let him play Skyward Sword because he loves to play Zelda games. He's a pretty cool kid and doesn't break things, so I relented. As time dragged on I realized what he meant by 'play Zelda games'.

    Step 1: Enter area/room/etc.
    Step 2: Pause the game and stare at the 'fully colored and annotated in-game map that is fully revealed from the get-go' for 5 minutes
    Step 3: Turn around, if I'm not in the room come find me, then ask "Where am I supposed to go now?" Repeat, until told exactly what to do and how to do it.
    Step 4: See Step 1...

    And people wonder why games are full of AI teammates named "FOLLOW!" and glaring neon signs broadcasting your next move. :-P

    The thing that frustrated me the most was that this kid is actually pretty smart for his age. I tried telling him to 'just figure it out' but that concept in the context of playing a game was so foreign to him that it never quite clicked.

    I feel like I'm getting to be an 'old man', and I can't believe I'm saying this, but kids these days... amirite? :-P

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