Gene Simmons Wants To Angry Birds All Night

Because there's no product-tie in too outlandish for KISS, frontman Gene Simmons told IndustryGamers that he and his rock band (or, "Rock Band") are looking into some sort of partnership with Rovio's insanely popular Angry Birds video game franchise, in addition to talking to Sony about other possible KISS video games.

I have no idea what this could mean, but I sure hope to see a flying Angry Bird with an impossibly huge tongue. Because what else would it be, really?

Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons Confirms Angry Birds Game, In Talks with PlayStation [IndustryGamers]


    Gene really needs to go die in a fire somewhere. He's quite possibly the most money hungry person on the entire planet.

      He really is a scumbag.

      "Anyone who downloaded even one of my songs should be taken to the cleaners. What? my son downloaded someone elses song? Well that's different, It should only affect the common man."

    Gene Simmons... The greatest whore of the 20th AND 21st century.

    Paul Stanley is the frontman of KISS.

      Well, Pauls merely the singer/rhythm guitarist. KISS' most notable member is Gene Simmons, when I think KISS I think Gene Simmons, not Paul, also I see a lot more of Gene in the media talking about KISS & KISS related stuff. So imo I see him more of the frontman. Remember Gene also sings several songs as well.

        Frontman means lead vocalist. Paul is the lead vocalist. Simple as that.

      Usually, but not always. The frontman is the spokesman, the musical leader.

      I think in the context of this article "frontman" is appropriate, and you're splitting hairs a bit here. If they'd explicitly called him the lead singer then you'd be totally right to call them on it.

        Google frontman. You'll notice the only results that don't refer to a frontman being the lead vocalist are the news results about this very deal (or the Fender amps). From wikipedia to dictionary definitions to other articles about other bands; the frontman is the lead vocalist. Always has been.

    The 70's are over Gene, nobody gives a f**k

    Saw KISS live here in Melb in 97 and 01. Fantastic experience. They arent great musicians but they certainly know how to put on a performance. As for Gene, he certainly comes across as a money loving arrogant prick. But unlike many celebs, hes honest about it.

      Exactly, upfront and honest all the time and doesn't care what others say. Gene might be the one doing all of the KISS merchandising, but Paul is the one pushing the band forward. He did an excellent job producing the last KISS album and I can't wait for the new one this year

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