George Lucas’s Daughter Could Kick Your Ass

George Lucas’s Daughter Could Kick Your Ass

She really could. She could kick a lot of people’s asses — not just yours. That’s because Amanda Lucas is a mixed martial arts superstar.

Lucas began MMA in 2008 after taking Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes. The former dance instructor’s fight was in May of that year.

“I got beat up pretty bad,” Lucas told Sports Illustrated. “I didn’t know what I thought I knew.”

Lucas lost that first bout in 2008. But Lucas didn’t give up, and she returned to the ring the following year and posted her first win.

“Honestly,” said Lucas, “I would want to know early on in my career what it’s like to be beat down and have to come back.”

Last year, she started fighting in Japan, where woman’s MMA has a substantial following, posting two more fights. This past Valentine’s Day, she racked up another Japanese win, and her career record now stands at 4-1.

“Japanese fans are fanatical about Star Wars. I get it and I appreciate it,” the 30-year-old Amanda said. “I’m very proud of my family and my father’s accomplishments. It’s just about finding that good balance.”

Before a fight last fall, one Japanese promoter used the Star Wars theme for her entrance music — something she specifically made a request against. In her most recent fight, she did walk out with Stormtroopers and Darth Vader. It apparently was part of a promotion for the 3D Star Wars films.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. She won the bout. And while Lucas has appeared in bit roles in her father’s Star Wars films, she hasn’t coasted on her father’s name — and certainly cannot in a MMA ring, where the only thing that matters is how you fight, not what your dad does.

Amanda Lucas, daughter of Star Wars creator [SI via The Mary Sue]


  • Yeah she can probably kick my ass, but how come whenever I watch Female Boxing or MMA I feel embarrassed for them for some reason it’s really awkward to watch.

    • No he’s too busy using her as defence while he destroys the originals 😀

      Because the prequels can never be as good as the originals but if he screws withthe originals enough they can become as bad as the prequels

  • Should check out that other daughter, who’s a whale and had a cameo in one of the prequels along with daddy Jorge under blue makeup. They even devoted an entire episode of the Clone Wars show to these 2 characters, which was written by the daughter. I can’t think of anything more self-indulgent, especially when the show character had half a dozen fewer chins.

  • All I know is that at least one of his daughters hates the unedited original trilogy fans as much as George Lucas himself. That puts them on my blacklist.

  • I don’t know why we’re being nice to her.

    She was the one that came up with the name for the lizard cyborg “General Grevious” for fucks sake.

    If anything she is part of the very malise that infected the star wars cannon. Worse still if she is 30 now she was 18 (thereabouts) when her father consulted her for her opinion on the naming of the characters.

    A sane person would have said something like ‘dad I think you should employ a professional script writer to help you develop such important characters”, instead of coming up with shitastic names like Jar Jar (fucking hell) and Grevious.

    excuse me whilst I vomit.

  • Youre kidding me! I just watched her fight an hour ago on an MMA blog. Vader came down to the ring for the presentation. And not ONCE did I ever make a connection between her name and friggin Darth Vader appearing. I just dismissed it as typical Japanese MMA showmanship……Im an idiot.

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