Get Ready For The "Next" Metal Gear Solid

Get Ready For The "Next" Metal Gear Solid

Now that Bayonetta developers Platinum Games are working on Metal Gear Rising, Kojima Productions is free to work on something else. Like…another Metal Gear Solid game.

The studio has begun a recruitment drive for “the latest Metal Gear Solid” which will be appearing on “high-end consoles and PC”. It’ll of course be built on the company’s proprietary FOX Engine.

Interestingly, it’s being pitched as a global development operation, with positions available in both Tokyo and California.

The last we heard about a new Metal Gear game was when series creator Hideo Kojima said there’d “probably” be a Metal Gear Solid 5. And late last year images surfaced of a “new title” Kojima Productions were working on which, with its military leanings, looked very much like a Metal Gear game.

There’s of course no mention of whether this is Metal Gear Solid V or some other project, but given the scale of the operation (and the platforms involved) there’s certainly hope for fans that this’ll be something big.

In addition to the job postings, the below art was also posted to the site. Metal Gear Fans, get speculating.


Big Boss Wants You [Kojima Productions]


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