Get Ready For The "Next" Metal Gear Solid

Now that Bayonetta developers Platinum Games are working on Metal Gear Rising, Kojima Productions is free to work on something else. Like...another Metal Gear Solid game.

The studio has begun a recruitment drive for "the latest Metal Gear Solid" which will be appearing on "high-end consoles and PC". It'll of course be built on the company's proprietary FOX Engine.

Interestingly, it's being pitched as a global development operation, with positions available in both Tokyo and California.

The last we heard about a new Metal Gear game was when series creator Hideo Kojima said there'd "probably" be a Metal Gear Solid 5. And late last year images surfaced of a "new title" Kojima Productions were working on which, with its military leanings, looked very much like a Metal Gear game.

There's of course no mention of whether this is Metal Gear Solid V or some other project, but given the scale of the operation (and the platforms involved) there's certainly hope for fans that this'll be something big.

In addition to the job postings, the below art was also posted to the site. Metal Gear Fans, get speculating.

Big Boss Wants You [Kojima Productions]


    Already too excited to see straight.

      I'm not one of those people who kept hounding Kojima to make something else; I don't care what he makes but nothing makes me more excited than a new MGS. I'm keeping a close eye on this.

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god...


    First thought seeing that image: Snake has a seeing eye dog. The game will have no graphics, just a feedback loop on a leash, as you walk around with a black screen.

      Press the circle button...

    Kojima-san doesn’t have to make Metal Gear any more

    Another MGS3 styled game about Big Boss?? PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Rainbow drool* HOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A Dog? When did Molyneux start working for Kojima? play a babysitter, you turn up and the baby is made of cardboard. Would you stay? I want games to start asking more ethical questions

        Ah yes...but, the baby made of cardboard is on fire!
        Would you stay?
        Would you stay and watch?
        Would you stay and put it out?

    Big Boss in HD on the consoles and PC? Nothing could be sweeter!

    Can anyone read what the patch on his arm reads? I'm pretty sure the second word is dogs, but not sure on the first word.
    Might be the unit which led to the creation of FOXHOUND perhaps?

      I can't comment on the lore of MGS (as I don't have time to refresh my memory at work), but I swear it looks like..

      R...ING DOGS

      My first thought is "Running Dogs" - i.e. the dogs that go after foxes in a foxhunt? :)

        *Sigh, brain not working, yes the Foxhounds go after the fox - what I meant to say is that "Running dogs" ties into it very nicely.

          Big Boss used to be into dog sledding. Solid Snake, too, with huskies.

            Metal Gear Cart Racing?

              Mario Kart has green shell, red shell and blue shell.

              Metal Gear Cart Racing has Big Shell!

      To me, it looks like it says 'Diamond Dogs'.

        And the arm patch shows a dog in a diamond shape.

          Heh, what you said!

          Fo' sure diamond dogs:!/Kojima_Hideo/status/172244150769565697/photo/1

      I would say it definitely says 'Diamond Dogs' which seems like a totally awesome name and very MGSey. Maybs.

    I could be reading into this but it could be a similar experience to Peace Walker albeit a massive consolized sequel.

    The military base look of the image, the "Big Boss Wants You" slogan and the words "One More Time" could point towards something like that.

    Question - Wasn't Big Boss's eyepatch on the other side?

      No, that was Solidus who had it on the opposite eye

    Nice to see the PC getting some love with this plus Ridge Racer, Street Fighter X Tekken etc.


      go eat a dick

        Hhaha too right mate

        So you guys want more gameplay, too?

      The Metal Gear games are amazing, but you are still absolutely correct.
      (ESPECIALLY with MGS4, there I said it)

        MGS4 was an abomination.

        mgs4 was an abomination

      u r so original n smart

        Actually, in reply to all you negative nancies, (well, not in reply to the positive one or two...) I've been playing Metal gear since the very original Metal Gear game came out. I love them all.

        But if you think for one moment I'll be blind to the fact that MGS4 was one giant masturbatory session for Kojima in excess, then you're wrong. I won't ''eat a dick'', lovely way to put it mind you, lovely that with the anonymity of the internet you can be so crude and feel so manly.

        The fact of the matter is, when I have to sit there, watch a ten minute bloody cut scene where some kid cooks EGGS? Then the final cutscene has a SAVEPOINT? I'm sorry but that truly could have been edited down majorly without loss to the impact it had.

        Again, the MG and MG series (eventually the mgs series) has been one of the greatest series ever made, but its gotten so wanky with its cutscenes that I fear by part 5? We'll be watching one giant cutscene interspersed with 10 minutes of gameplay throughout the game...

        I'll go eat that dick now, but only because a pussy suggested it :)

          If I saw you in person I would say the same thing, anonymity or not.

            you so badass

    im betting original metal gear remake..

    A new MGS? and it's one that features Big Boss?
    I'm listening....

    Poor Hideo Kojima. He just can't get away. A thousand years from now his head will be in a jar locked in a basement making MGS games.

      Einstein for Theory of Relativity, Kojima for MGS...I see no problem with this.

    The dog is Raiden's new body.

    "Now that Bayonetta developers Platinum Games are working on Metal Gear Rising"

    Still sends chills down my spine. What it's going to be? A MGS game where the AI can't see more than a foot in front them and every hit you take only takes away 1hp and every hit you do is strung into an insta-kill combo?

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