Get Your First Look At Mass Effect’s New Female Shepard In Action

Get Your First Look At Mass Effect’s New Female Shepard In Action

In this new trailer for the fast-approaching Mass Effect 3, we get to see a lot of old scenes played out by a very new face.

This is your first in-game look at the new default female Commander Shepard, fresh off the public auction block and replacing the old standard model.

On the plus side? She looks older than she did in the promo material and she also looks like more of a character this time around; I’d always felt the old default was an afterthought, looking so blank that she may as well have been an NPC.

On the down side? Loads of people got used to that NPC face, so this will all be quite a shock for them.


  • wow…so. damn. ugly. even the femshep default in mass effect 2 was better.

    notice how they dont have a femshep retracing her omni blade at the ending mass effect 2 logo? 😀

    • I completely disagree. Also, you had a look at BroShep lately? Dude looks like a potato that’s grown some stubble.

      • hahaha i never play broshep, i like to make my own femsheps though.

        its just that, with all that femshep cover art competition stuff, the end 3d model result came out a bit lacking imo.

  • She’s a freaking war hardended battle soldier. She isnt supposed to be pretty, and if you need her to be a perfect early 20’s alabaster blonde while getting down in the mud and blood you have dumb expectations of your heroes

  • Liked all the ME2 Characters it showed off there – looks like Jacob and Miranda are no longer working with Cerberus with an absence of any Cerberus logo on their armour.

  • Urgh. She looks awful. She doesn’t look right to me, she looks like a little kid playing at being Shepard.
    Thankfully I have my own badass looking FemShep I can use so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I just hope the people who voted are happy with the end product.

    • I like her more than ME1 & 2 default femshep, who always looked like a bit of a random afterthought to me, but yeah, I agree. She looks way too young to be a commander (and less make-up would go a long way). I love that my custom femshep looks like she’s in her mid 30s.

  • agree with many of the above – 2 of my 3 are femsheps, both customs. far more appropriate than this new default femshep.

    compared to sheploo, this new femshep verges on the sexist. thin, pretty, like something out of vogue rather than a battle-hardened ex-spectre. vs sheploo, who looks like he popped out of a USMC-clone-printer.

  • Ive been using Femshep all along, looks similar to this one, but more mature, slightly older, like a Captain should be. Still has red hair though 😉
    I dont like the Bioware Femshep, she looks like shes barely 20 years old.

  • I’m not sure why, but her face isn’t memorable to me. I’m not talking about her being attractive or anything but she just looks like any standard NPC character in any game out there.

  • Is it just me or was there something a little off about the character animation and lighting? It almost looked like they had turned off the anti-aliasing and shaders so the characters felt like they were outside of the scene, like they were in front of a blue screen. I wish I knew the technical term because a lot of old games had the same problem too.

    On topic, she kind of looks like my Shepard from ME2, though the new Femshep seems to have been having a few too many snacks between missions.

  • heh – I like that cutaway line: “Tell your friends, we’re coming for them”.
    The 3D model used is an interesting choice for a “public face” for Cmdr Jane Shephard; reminds me of other female protaganists on TV & Movies like Mariska Hargitay (Law & Order: SVU), Stana Katic (Castle), and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld).

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