Girls Plus Hardware Equals Hardware Girls

Photographer and pin-up model Julie Watai, whom Kotaku has featured before, is releasing a magazine version of her Hardware Girls photos.

The photos feature girls with old game consoles, arcade circuit boards, PC parts and other various electronics. You know, hardware.

Osaka-born Watai is not only a big nerd and popular pin-up model, she's a talented photographer and multimedia artist, too.

Volume 1 of this magazine is based on Watai's 2010 book by the same name, which featured her photos of 25 different models with game hardware and electronics.

ハードウェアガールズ マガジンVOL.1 「確かにケーブルがカラむ女の子はエロい」 [AkibaBlog]


    Here I was thinking it would be an article about Hyperdimension Neptunia!

    I'll take the pictures though ;)

    Ah nice. I've been having a hard time finding this book anywhere besides Amazon for four times as much as it's worth.

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