Go Land On The Moon, It's Real Pretty Up There


    Why 2 articles about this in a fortnight but nothing that I remember about Dear Esther which also looks like a very interesting and different game.

      Surely kotaku isnt the only gaming news site? The escapist is great aswell for odd bits and pieces

    This is where Newt Gingrich got his Moonbase idea from.

    I remember when this was in its early stages. Looked terrible & even now the gameplay remains the same. Not my cup of tea but I hope it finds its niche audience.

    Very very pretty for a $10 indie game...

    Either way, even though I'll probably hate it as much as that moon landing game from the 90's (nfi what it was called or anything) I'll buy it just because the world of games will be so much better when sim games can rival the big AAA titles in terms of graphics.

      If we're on the same page, you must be talking about Lunar Lander


    2 for 2 this fortnight.

      Arrgghh. Meant to reply to SenorFreebie.

      My bad, guess I didn't refresh my RSS enough.

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