Going To Miss BlizzCon In 2012? Not As Much As This World Of Warcraft Guild Will

Last month Blizzard announced that it's annual fan convention would be skipping a year, returning in 2012 so the developer can focus on things like developing games. Some fans took this well. The Elysiam World of Warcraft guild on the US Shadowmoon server took to song.

Guild leader and lyricist Kayhettin pass along this video to Kotaku, a desperate plea from some of Blizzard's biggest fans to put on a BlizzCon in 2012. Filled with footage of fans meeting, greeting, and having a good time despite the ridiculously high food prices, it drives home the point that the annual festival isn't so much about the games as it is the community that's formed around them.

That, and buying exclusive swag.

Maybe Blizzard could hold a mini-convention just for these guys!


    These guys rely on BlizCcon to get a few days of sun light per year.

      Yeah, its a rare annual period where they mysteriously develop an immunity to the sun :)

    big mistake on blizzards part imo, my old guild used to all rally around blizzcon time and it re-ignited peoples intrest in what was coming next ALOT

    considering I, and about half my old guild have now stopped playing due to no interest in the panda expansion, they stand to lose subscriber base from people who are on the fence i reckon.

      I reckons you are right.

      Blizzard are becoming very stale since their tie in with Activision.

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