Gotham City Impostors Promises A Big, Free Update In March

I’m not sure whoever’s writing up these notes is properly classifying what’s to come from Gotham City Impostors, the downloadable shooter that released this week. “In March, we’re going to release our very first DLC for the low, low price of FREE,” they say. Considering one of the features is the ability to mute other players, we’re talking a title update, because if that truly was DLC, the fit thrown would definitely be unmutable.

Whatever the case, none of this costs anything to the player. That means they don’t have to earn in-game currency for it, either, as is the case with the load of costume alternates dumped on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store earlier this week. So what madness is coming in March? Here’s the scoop, per developer Monolith Productions.

  • A BRAND NEW MAP: The 25th Floor of the Gotham Times building is about to be your playground for destruction! (Just make sure not to fall of the edge.)
  • JOIN-IN-PROGRESS: Players can now join a match, even after it has started!
  • MATCHMAKING FIXES: Matchmaking has been totally revamped! Those errors you remember? They’re a thing of the past. Gone. Finito.
  • NEW WEAPONS: The Falcon Blade (a bullet-blocking katana worthy of warfare in Gotham) and the Kingmaker (a quick-draw pistol that can humble even the mightiest of Mighties) are available for you to unlock!
  • A NEW SUPPORT ITEM: Toxic Gas! Leave a cloud of nigh-invisible noxious vapors in your wake, that will impair and damage those foolish enough to follow you.
  • A MULTITUDE OF NEW COSTUME CHOICES: In addition to the myriad of costume items already available, we’re letting you dress up like a luchador, a corporate schlub gone mad, and so much more!
  • NEW FUN FACT: The new Nimble Fingers Fun Fact will let you capture Gasblasters faster, and attach/detach batters quicker. The team’s clutch player? Yeah, that’s you.
  • MUTE EARLY, MUTE OFTEN: Ever wanted to squelch that guy blasting techno in the pre-game lobby? Now you can! Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.

The Next Chapter of Impostors, Yours for Free [Gotham City Impostors]


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