Grand Theft Auto IV Mod Turns 2008 Graphics Into The Future

Grand Theft Auto IV's iCEnhancer series of mods and tweaks takes a Rockstar PC game that looked pretty good already and turns it into - relative to the scale and size of GTAIV - the prettiest video game on the planet.

At least, if realism is your thing.

And if your PC can handle it.

The mod's creator, Hayssam Keilany, writes "Reflections are bugged because of the ROCKSTAR VIDEO EDITOR. It doesn't look like that in-game, don't worry & sorry about that."

Version 2.0 of the mod is now out and free to download at the link below.

iCEnhancer 2.0 [icelaglace]


    The awkward moment when GTAIV looks better than GTAV

    holy shiny graphics batman does that look pretty, it sucks my computer wouldnt be able to handle those level of graphics.

    lol Niko

    Wonder if it works with lost & damned yet and if they cured the re sky problem. Must have a look one of these days because its bloody gorgeous

    And cool as this thing looks, I still can't play GTA4 at more than 25 fps because the game engine hates my 6990. Even forcing it to use the entire card and with countless other tweaks i'm lucky if I break 30 without this mod installed.

    Somebody hire the author(s) of this mod now please.

      Can anyone tell me, is it easier to 'update / enhance' graphics like in this mod than it is to create totally new ones?

        much easier to enhance otherwise you have to develop an entirely new code + models etc from the ground up. take his assets (with permission of course) and add your own flare to it.

    Last time Kotaku did a story on ICEnhancer GTA IV became the number one selling game on Steam for like a week straight :P

    I tried using ICE, but it didn't look any different (probably installed it wrong). It does look amazing in the trailers though.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. (my computer)

    Wishing it would work with optimus sometime... pretty sure it's an issue with the mod base (ENB series) rather than iCEnhancer mod itself though.

    It looks ok, nothing special.

    Nothing special at all.

    soo this is what next gen will look like?

      For consoles, most likely.

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