Great Moments In Gaming Humour: He's Good In The Dark

Dialogue-heavy Japanese role-playing games don't often make the journey westward with their wit intact. Tri-Ace's challenging role-playing shooter Resonance of Fate proves itself one of the rare exceptions, nailing both the text and the timing of this hilariously steamy scene.

I'd give equal credit to the localisation team and the voice actors on this one. We've got Mr Nolan "Nathan Drake" North himself in the role of hunter squad leader Vashyron; Jessica DiCicco, the voice of Lexi Bunny from the cartoon Loonatics Unleashed as Leanne; and Zephyr is played by Scott Menville, who portrayed Joey McIntyre in the New Kids on the Block animated series.

OK, so a lot of it was Nolan North.


    i loveddddd this cutscene, and the game too!

    Great game! The power ranger style gear you could unlock in the challenge dungeon carnival thing looked awesome.

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