Grim Death Never Looked So Lovely

Over at the International House of Mojo, they've put together a terrific retrospective on the equally terrific adventure game Grim Fandango.

It's a fun, comprehensive retrospective, but what really grabbed me was the illustration that Colin Panetta did for it, of a skeleton that's recently been "planted". Death-by-flowers has long been one of my favourite of Grim Fandango's many creative flourishes and I adore this illustration.

Panetta has put up a cool post walking through his process for making the image, and it also has links to the image in a bunch of different image resolutions, the better to make it your wallpaper. Nice.

MixnMojo Illustration #3: Grim Fandango [Messy Energy, Colin Panetta's Art Blog]


    grim fandango my all time fav game <3

    Mojo gettin' Kotaku love, not too shabby...

    I so badly want whoever has the rights to do a HD version for PSN or XBLive... or Steam... c'mon let me give you my money...

    Maybe that should be Schafers next Kickstart "Grim Fandango HD".... the nostalgia alone should get him the funds...

    Dont mess with the plot or the voices or even the gameplay, just jazz up the graphics a little and rebuild it on the Unreal engine or something (for the sake of portability... I think the Unreal engine is on everything).

      For get the HD thing... Just rebuild it for PSN and XBA.

      I'm going to dig out my copy and see If I can get it running on windows 7....

        Trouble is, it's in LucasArts court and as we've all seen from their previous HD remakes they would absolutely cheap out and [email protected] IT UP!

      I'd absolutely love and pay $$$ for an HD remake of Grim Fandango, I think a KickStarter project would be a great way to see how interested people were before developing it and then figuring out how much they can spend based on the amount donated for presale.

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