Guild Wars 2 Is Almost Certainly Coming To Consoles

Whenever anyone says "man, I hate how all MMOs are the same", someone else invariably says "well, wait for Guild Wars 2, then!".

Normally, it's just been PC players waiting for the game, but console owners should get in line now as well.

Developers NCSoft have said in a recent conference call "When it comes to Guild Wars 2 [on consoles] as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage".

Well, no, they hadn't announced that already. All they'd said previously was that they were thinking about it. Preparing is a lot more active than thinking about it.

It's not absolute confirmation, of course, but it's certainly positive.

Conference Call Highlights, GW2 Console Version Confirmed [Guild Wars Insider, via Eurogamer]


    If this title misleads any keen GW2 followers like myself, read this article too:

    "Guild Wars 2 Is Almost Certainly Coming To Consoles" talk about getting kicked in the face and force to go back to world of warcraft again (kidding)

    I think its a fair comment that there has been something lost/gained in translation. The conference call is in Korean so...

    There is a quote floating around from Martin Kiersten (community manager) saying its still in the early stages.

    Its probably one of the 'few' mmos that would work on console though. not many keys required (10 skills, dodge & weapon switch)

      Really are we talking about the same console here I mean these are the consoles that removed having more than 2 weapons because they didn't have enough buttons.

      Though I'm all for success on consoles on 2 provisos

      1) the communities are seperate and have a version that plays to the strengths of the format

      2) that content isn't held back on either platform because of a delay on the other. If it is going to take 4 weeks to get a patch through MS or Sony, PC gamers shouldn't have to wait as a result.


      Though most intriging to me is if it's planned for current or next get consoles

      While it's been said the PC version will be out in 2012.

      I'm not sure releasing something like this on consoles when there is 2-3 years left on them would be wise.

      If MS goes with software emulation based backwards compatibility there's a real risk that it won't work properly once the next platform comes.

      Thera also the question as to how Sony is going to handle backwards compatibilty in the next gen.

      And I'd be curious if GW2 could patch itself on the 360. I know that technically developers are meant to act as if a HDD isn't present to sell a game kn the 360.

      Once you have an always online game like an mmo you don't have the option to run the without updating.

    I think I will go postal if a console version changes the PC version in any way.

      Yeah, you better keep a death grip on that FOV editing dude.

    All I see is Jodie Foster with a basket broken over her head.

      Yes, someone is trying to steal from her shop in Skyrim :P

    With the amount of patches seen on GW1, how will this be implemented on consoles? - Curious.

    What are the "wait for Guild Wars 2" people going to do when the game turns out to just be an iteration on the first one and completely fail to live up to the hype?

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