Half-Life 3 Art Is Thinking With Portals


    Holy shit, the detail in the second image is amazing.

    I've had a thought - what if we, the gamers, are the ones supposed to make HL3? As so many games have been built by modding HL and HL2, maybe Gabe N has decided to get philosophical about it all and leave it to the modders and creative types who love the games?

      I think if Black Mesa is anything to go by the fans and modders might take longer then Valve if it were a competition. Full conversion modding has become pretty hard these days since the skills are so transferrable into a paid job and you need massive, hard to coordinate and motivate teams to produce the same level of content as a major studio. I'm no expect, but I think Battlefield 2 might've been the last game mods were able to outdo the studio on content quality due to how the game was structured.

        Oh yeah for sure, I think the sophistication of game engines has put serious conversion modding out of reach - but - (again being completely philosphical about the whole thing) what if this pushed talented bedroom modders to form collaborations and take it seriously and do a better job of it that the Black Mesa crew. Or then again, Valve could just make the bloody game.

    Whoa, both are bloody amazing.

    I'd love a Black Mesa vs Aperture Science battle in HL3. You have to beat the enemies with the Gravity gun whilst they use the Portal Gun.

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