Has Cory Barlog Left KMM’s Mad Max Project?

Has Cory Barlog Left KMM’s Mad Max Project?

George Miller started up KMM Games in order to synchronise movie production and video game production, and one of those initial projects was a Mad Max game, to be produced by God of War 2 Director Cory Barlog, and timed with the release of Mad Max 4: Fury Road. Now it appears as though Cory Barlog has left the project.

Barlog left this message on his twitter account

Game reset. Start new game. Location: the bay area.

We’ve tried to contact KMM studios through various means to confirm Barlog’s departure, but they have yet to respond.

Dr D studios, George Miller’s production company, has been having issues recently — it’s last production, Happy Feet 2, was a difficult one, going over budget and under delivering at the box office. In addition, the new Mad Max is stuck in pre-production limbo — this makes things difficult for a video game intended to be released alongside said movie.

Also, KMM studios is said to be working on Brendan McNamara’s latest game, The Whore of the Orient, and its Brisbane studio was closed down after the release of the Happy Feet 2 video game. It could be that resources previously focused on the Mad Max game has been shifted to other projects.

We’re still waiting on confirmation from KMM that Cory Barlog has left the studio, and also enquired regarding the status of the Mad Max game. We’ll update if we hear back.

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  • That’s unforunate, here’s hoping it doesn’t impact the Mad Max game. I have no interest in a cheap, movie tie-in but there’s also serious potential for something incredible here. I wish all the folks at KMM the best.

  • Although I have been a fan of Mad Max for a long time and would love a game. I have lost interest in the new Australian movie since I heard it’s been filmed overseas and will star people from other countries trying their best to do an Australian accent.

    • Sorry, but when did Mad Max not star people from overseas trying their best to do an Australian accent? The only difference would be the location.

      • Thunderdome had Tina Turner but she played a yank in that. All other roles were by Australians primarily and anyone not an australian did not fake their accent.

        Bruce Spence, Vernon Welles, Mel Gibson (Raised in Aus and had an authentic accent due to it. Aussie at THAT point), not to forget the incredible Bruce Spence yet again just because he’s that freakin’ brilliant. 😉 All of them sounded 100% ”dinky di”

      • Ok, the first two movies where mainly Australian casts with the lead going to the American Mel Gibson, but I’m talking about moving the whole thing to another country and still trying to fool people that it’s the outback Australian wasteland

  • maybe this is the start of KMM ‘s staff turnover reflecting Team Bondi’s! What’s the connection I wonder…?

  • Drat, I was so hoping for something great to come out of that.

    Corey Barlog seems like a guy I’d get along with and his games have always been well put together. I would have loved to play a Mad Max game with him involved.

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