Hate The New Silent Hill 2 Tracks? Turn ‘Em Off

Hate The New Silent Hill 2 Tracks? Turn ‘Em Off

We reported late last year that Silent Hill 2 was getting an HD makeover. As a fan of that game, I see myself as a bit of a purist and snob. Honestly, I think it comes with the territory. So I kinda scoffed at the idea of someone re-dubbing the entire game for it’s re-release in the Silent Hill HD Collection. “Sure everyone sounds like they’re on Dayquil; That’s the whole point!” I said to myself.

Lucky for you, the guys at Konami have included both versions. Good for them! And hey, the voice acting isn’t terrible, from what I played! If anything, I’m more surprised that they replaced some of the acoustic guitar tracks in the new version with an electric guitar.

See the video above and judge for yourself. And if for whatever reason you start foaming at the mouth in internet rage, just count backwards from 10 and remind yourself that you have the choice to play whatever version you like, original music and all.


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    You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.”

  • I found some footage of this game on YouTube. Getting pretty excited for it. It looks great! Even watching someone else play I was getting creeped out.

  • Sure I’m a purist and want the original there for the sake of it but the major reason I have never been keen on the new dub is that the original game was motion captured and lip synced to the original audio so the lip movements are spot on. Fast forward to know and you can see the lip movements all over the place with the new dub. No thanks.

    • Fast farword to know? Its too early! Also hell even the likenesses of some of the original voice cast was used for the character art!

  • I’ll be playing through with the original track, I still count the soundtrack to Silent Hill 2 as the finest I’ve heard and regularly listen to it outside of the game.

  • I’ll pass.

    Not because I hate the game or anything but because it scared the crap out of me when i first tried to play it.

    F**k that noise, yo!

  • Definitely going to be playing with the original dub. There’s just such a massive loss of subtext in the new dubs.

    Angela’s new voice actor is a perfect example of this. There were a lot of reasons behind why her voice actor was 30 playing a 19 year old. In one foul swoop all of that is gone and not just the performance but the design process from the game developers and designers.

    Silent Hill 2 was a title where every little detail was on purpose. I don’t think the developers who were responsible for the HD collection took that into account.

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