Have You Ever Seen This Many Zelda Games At Once?

First Mega Man, then Street Fighter...there's a video game collection arms race going on, and The Legend of Zelda just joined in.

Reader Andy "thought this would be pretty cool to show on the site". He's damn right it would be.

Note he doesn't just have every game. For many he's got multiple editions. Look at all those copies of Twilight Princess!


    Very nice collection indeed. Only collection I would want more is the Final Fantasy one that was posted on kotaku many moons ago.

    That sure is a lot of retreads.

    There's really that many? Woah...

      no, those are likely a collection of pal aus, euro, jap and us copies, you can see the double UPS in games, not to mention collectors and standard editions of the same game, then re releases.

      I'vegot all the Zelda games, and whilst it doesn't look as large, it certainly is surprisingly bigger than you might think, especially when you include re releases.

    Its like they placed a mirror right through the middle.

    I can't see the Gold Zelda Gameboy Advance SP there, too rare?

      Yeh missing! Can't be that rare. Also love the Zelda game and watch, forgot about that one!

    All 3 of the collection articles pictures have shitty res and are small. In future plz post originals as I cant tell what half of the stuff is. Pretty bad seeing the entire damm articles are based on the photo. 0/10

    So. Incredibly. Jelly.

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