Hawken Team Given $10 Million Because Hawken Looks Awesome

Indie multiplayer shooter Hawken, which stole my heart, stuffed it in a mech then begged me to come get it back, has always attracted attention for how good it looked despite it being the product of a small studio, Adhesive Games.

Note I say small and not poor, because the guys who are working on it just got $US10 million in cash to help bring it to the market.

The money comes courtesy of a band of investors, among them Benchmark Capital and FirstMark Capital, who are no newcomers to up-and-coming gaming outfits, having helped League of Legends' Riot Games get a leg-up.

With the game already obviously well underway, and with a planned release this December as a free-to-play title, the new money is mostly going to Adhesive's parent company and publisher Meteor Entertainment, where it will "support Meteor's expansion over the next year and make it possible to publish Hawken as a free-to-play game."

Meteor Entertainment raises $US10M to fund Hawken online mech game (exclusive) [VentureBeat]


    WIsh I was given $10 Million for looking awesome :(

      Better start looking $9,999,990 more awesome then.

        Quick teemo, looks like Nics offering you $10 for how you look now. Sounds like a good offer.

    Now that Tim Schafer business looks pathetic by comparison :P

      I wouldnt call it pathetic, you've gotta consider that these donations were made under different circumstances.

      These guys got $10mil from some big investment groups who look to make a profit from investing in game productions.

      The Tim Schafer thing ($2mil last I heard) was mainly from random people donating coz they like the mans work & want to play more of it.

      Both good outcomes coz people get to play more (hopefully) good games & the production teams get paid to make games for us to play. win win.

    This game makes me insanely excited. This money pretty much guarentees that it won't turn into vaporware.

    I need new pants. I think I did an excitment wee.

    A mech game that plays like a FPS, no thank you.

      Would you prefer turn based?

        Now you're talking about Front Mission, which is (or at least was, back in the day) awesome.

      Why don't you put your money where your mouth is? You could top that $10m by giving them $20m to NOT release the game.

      Out of curiosity, how would you expect it to play then? I'm assuming you wouldn't mean an rts with robot units, or something.

    Having missed out on the majority of the Mechwarrior games, I'm very, very excited for this game.
    The last mech game I played was One Must Fall, so I'm looking forward to this a lot.
    Oh, wait, spent some time on a borrowed copy of Armored Core 5.
    Still, multiplayer... nice.

      You borrowed a copy of ACV? Some one has the mad connections.

    oh man I can't wait to get my hands on this!

    large scale armored core style fps combat with lots of customizing oh yes plz. IMO Front Mission 3 is still awesome :)

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