Here’s All Of Today’s Nintendo News In One Place

Mario's corporate owners dropped a bunch of news today via their two Nintendo Direct broadcasts and Kotaku was all over it. Whether it's details about a new, more demonic Brain Age or the longed-for NorthAm release of a great Wii RPG, the links below have the knowledge you seek:

Nintendo Teases 3DS Owners With Thoughts Of New Zelda

Mario Tennis Open Serves Up Online Play for the 3DS on May 20th

Dillon's Rolling Western Pops Up On 3DS eShop Today

Watch Super Smash Bros Creator Masahiro Sakurai Talk About Kid Icarus: Uprising's Multiplayer

Final Fantasy Creator's Wii RPG Finally Headed to North America

Sega Game Gear Coming to Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console The New Brain Age Features a Satanic Doctor

Mario Tennis Open Dated for Japan

New Fatal Frame Gets Japanese Release Date


    Great to see NoA bringing 'The Last Story' to that part of the World. Hopefully, 'Xenoblade Chronicles' will sell well enough to convince them to localise 'Pandora's Tower'.

    It's actually XSEED Games who are bringing The Last Story to the states

    Does anyone else think Nintendo could have done a bit better, considering it was a press conference convened for pretty much at the same time as the (Western) launch of the PS Vita?

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