Here’s How Skyrim’s Creation Kit Lets You Make Mod Magic

Here’s How Skyrim’s Creation Kit Lets You Make Mod Magic
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Bethesda previously announced the Skyrim Creation Kit, which will let PC users re-invent their hit RPG in unimagined ways.

There’s no release date yet for the toolset but the publisher’s unveiled a new video that details the Creation Kit’s functionality and intergration with Steam Workshop. Skyrim’s going to get a lot more interesting very soon.


  • I wonder what this ‘Steam Workshop’ integration will mean for things like Nexus Mod Manager and the like. I can’t imagine it being a full replacement… Let’s face it, 80% of the mods uploaded to Nexus are things that Valve would *NOT* want to host/promote 😛

    So many naked Argonians… so many…

    • The previously announced “thing” with Steam workshop was, it is just another place you can upload your mods if you wish. If you want to put them on Nexus, go for it, if you want them on Steam Workshop go for it. If Steam has an approval process, well that’s a different story, but it won’t prevent you from uploading your Arconian BDSM mod’s to Nexus.

      • I was aware of the integreation with Steam Workshop before, so that’s not news to me. I had just hoped the video would give a little more info.
        It’s not that I think it would disable mods that aren’t coming through the Workshop, but I’m wondering if it will basically be a Mod Manager in itself, or if there will be some kind of specific ‘steam mod filetype’ which results in having to have different “versions” of mods to be compatible with it, etc.

        and thank heavens for Nexus, otherwise where would I upload all 563 Argonian BDSM mods that I’ve made ;-P

  • Well they’re advertising it which is very promising, hopefully the CK is much more polished than the other SDKs and will make it easier to import and export .nifs so I don’t have to rely on bloody NifSkope all the time.

    If this comes out on monday, when my holidays end, I may have to kill someone.

  • I wish that Bethesda would do a competition for mods. The Bethsoft then develop the mods so they can be used in xbox and ps3, charge a small amount for them and give the original creators a royalty. Everyone wins.

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