Here's Two Hours Of Some People Playing Firefall

Red 5's Firefall is an upcoming shooter whose development is being led by Mark Kern, former Team Lead on World of Warcraft. All we've seen lately about the game is some cosplay, so let's get back to basic with gameplay footage. Two hours of it.

[thanks Tony!]


    On youtube? I didn't think you could post videos that long.

      Different people have different permissions, depending on account age and activity.

      Have an old account with lots of videos, and you probably have permission to post long videos. I've seen videos over 10 hours long.

      Challenge accepted:

      wanna dance?

    Anyone surprised they so calmly said "Raping my face" in a piece of public promotion?

    This comment has been reported for inappropriate content and is awaiting review.

      Thank you SWTOR4Credits, you've saved my marriage!

    Would prefer the title "here's 1000 Firefall Beta keys'
    Just saying...

      yes please. I still stare at my Tribes 2 box every now and then and contemplate re-installing it...

    some of the ugliest graphics out there... why?

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