Here’s Why The New SSX Will Outdo The Old SSX

Here’s Why The New SSX Will Outdo The Old SSX

So, I loved the original SSX games. Winter sports never held much appeal to me in real life, but the reckless abandon of speeding down a mountain and contorting a character’s body into insane tricks made me a lifelong fan of EA’s snowboarding series.

Naturally, when I heard about the mega-publisher’s impending reboot, I was worried. But, after spending a good chunk of time with SSX this week, I’m putting those fears to rest. In fact, I’m even thinking that Neo-SSX might even be better than the games I loved.

You get to fly in this SSX, courtesy of the game’s all-new wingsuits. It’s not all-out Superman-style flight but it’s still an exhilarating feeling. A press of the shoulder button spreads a character’s limbs and lets the player waft over the game’s snowy landscapes. You can do this at any time but it’s absolutely crucial during the game’s Survival races. The trails in this mode feature huge gaps that will require the wingsuit to cross. You’ll jump as normal, deploy the wingsuit and glide across the crevasses. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though, because you’ll be fighting wind and your own trajectory. The gaps will have multiple ramps and if you steer the wrong way, you’ll sail straight into a cliff face. The new SSX will sport a rewind feature that spins back tie, but you only have three rewinds on Survival tracks, so you’ll need to use them wisely.

The usual tricks-give-you-boost mechanics still apply and a filled -up boost bar will let you get a nice burst of momentum in approaching a ramp. I took a while for me to get acclimated to the changed-up controls of the new SSX but once I did, the tricks came easily. But, if the thought of new controls worries you, the EA rep on hand did say that an option for classic controls will be in the game.

My biggest takeaway from the time I spent playing SSX was that the world maintains its arcade-y feel while looking more realistic than ever. You remember how you’d land board-side down on a vertical stretch of mountain but still bail on a trick in the old SSX? Doesn’t happen here. This gameworld’s like a giant snowy playground designed to squeeze exuberance out of you and it feels like you can trick off of nearly anything. You’ll crash and bail but that feels more like the result of player skill than a resistant world.

I never thought I’d want to fly in a game that already lets you do crazy, over-the-top snowboarding tricks, but it feels like a true evolution of the ethos of SSX. Unlike other games coming out this year, EA’s new SSX might just replace gamers’ nostalgia for its predecessors with something better. Now that’s tricky.


  • I was really psyched for this game, but after finding out no split screen multi-player it’s no longer a day 1 (import) purchase for me.

    Ill pick it up when its cheap in 6 months.

  • I’ll probably get this, the SSX games were always great fun.
    Sucks about no split screen, on of the the best things about Tricky was hearing the obscenities from your friend next to you after you punched them off their board!

  • Awesome. Loved the old SSX and it’s absolutely ridiculous tricks. Hoping all the “breakdance on your snowboard while in mid-air” madness is still in there along with the rush of getting to fly with your wingsuit. Definitely gonna check this game out!

  • Still have great memories of loading up SSX on the PS2 christmas morning then i remember the bad memories of not having a memory card for my said ps2 and having to keep the system running when i was having a kick ass run on it. good times good times

  • I’m pumped for this SSX reboot.
    I haven’t played a good SSX since SSX 3… On Tour just didn’t do it for me, and I didn’t play any Wii SSX ’cause I refuse to make physical contact with a Nintendo product.

    Definitely getting this the day it’s out.

  • WHAT THE HECK.. what is up with video game developers just NOT PUTTING IN SPLITSCREEN at all anymore.. its INSANE…. its driving me INSAIN!!!!!! seriously… why not? are we all lonely drones who sit at home by ourselves and only desire social interaction with other people though the internet… good god im doing it right now instead of talking to someone in real life about this… damn you internet…

    seriously though, i was looking forward to battling people in races and trick comps at my house with booze gallor… lsadjfhaslkjdfhalkjha

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