Hey MMO Fans -- Feel Like Answering Some Questions?

Crazy admission time: I have never, absolutely never played an MMORPG of any kind. So I'm totally not eligible to take part in this study — which looks at the habits of those who play MMOs — but I reckon some of you guys probably are! So how about it? Anyone interested in taking part in a reputable study?

The title of the study is 'Why Do You Play MMORPGs', so I'm going to go ahead and guess that'll be a focus here, but I honestly don't know! I'm too scared to click on the questions in case I taint the study!

Regardless, if you feel like helping these guys out with their study, follow this link.


    The good-participant role in which the participant attempts to discern the experimenter's hypotheses and to confirm them.[3]
    The negative-participant role (also known as the screw-you effect[4]) in which the participant attempts to discern the experimenter's hypotheses, but only in order to destroy the credibility of the study.
    The faithful-participant role in which the participant follows the instructions given by the experimenter to the letter.
    The apprehensive-participant role in which the participant is so concerned about how the experimenter might evaluate the responses that the participant behaves in a socially desirable way.

    Everyone be a faithful participant please. All others suck balls.

    What is your current relationship status?

    Open Relationship
    Defacto (living with partner, unmarried)

    Really? There's no "I have a partner who I don't live with, but we are not in an open relationship"? They do mean "We have sex with whoever we please" open relationship right?!

      Mmo players don't have girlfriends, remember?

      Already seeing major bias holes..

      'An open relationship is an interpersonal relationship in which the parties want to be together but agree to a form of a non-monogamous relationship.' - There you go.

      I thought this too.... Mind you I live with someone, but really... that's a massive oversight, I was hoping they'd have an advice part at the end, I also wanted to add in 'Why only current MMO players?' As someone who used to play WoW for the max time choices on all those options I feel I could have contributed that way, instead I had to answer the reason I play Star Wars 1-4 hours a week, which is pretty much down to something to do with my mate sometimes.

      Either way, done and done, as a Psychology major I felt somewhat obligied because I know what a bitch research can be.

        Perhaps they wanted to limit ambiguity by providing concrete choices. Plus, if they explained the finer details of the study no doubt there would be some that would read the explanation first and then skew the results. See Bear of the Boy's post above.

          Is this only in relation to my second issue?
          Because having a partner you don't live with encompasses a pretty massive part of the population... eg. all my friends that aren't single, I'm the only person I know that actually lives with a partner. It's a pretty big oversight in a university level study, and if anything it shows experimenter bias rather than limiting participant bias.

      Informed Gamer - Thanks for spotting that, unfortunately it was an oversight and will be taken into account when dissecting the results. That said, to change anything in the survey would mean having to delete all responses and go through a further ethics process. In any case this particular question is demographic and isn't a central factor to the research question, but you're correct in your statements and it's a shame that it wasn't picked up during testing.

      Sam - Don't worry, we definitely won't be looking to paint MMO players or gamers in either a negative or positive light, but rather examine player types and enjoyment. Thanks for participating and your honesty, I shall add a text field at the end of future surveys so that participants can provide comments.

    Hmmmmm, these things invariably end up getting used for evil...

    Besides, he isn't even offering a free special companion pet or achievement!
    He REALLY does not get mmo players :D

      Hahahha love it

      It's a little murloc following you around with a clipboard..

      You mean, you didn't get one?

        Ok, now I seriously want a Murloc with a clipboard as a companion.

    Done and done, and i mean done ;-)

    Write down three adjectives (descriptive words) that you feel best describe you?




    Be prepared for a news article in the future regarding the possible terrorist link with MMO Gamers

    It felt like I was giivng a lot of misleading answers there. Yeah, I spend 30+ hours a week online, but I spend a lot of that time on the internet at work. I've literally never played for my average session time, because I'm either just playing around 0-30 minutes, I'm raiding 2-4 hours, or I'm AFK all day and periodically checking to see if anything is happening.
    The stuff about how I 'feel' before, during and after playing MMORPGs is just too complicated to answer. I log in to raid on a schedule not an impulse. If I have a terrible day I'll log in feeling bad, then either drag it in with me or forget about it and relax depending on how the raid goes. I might log off feeling great after a terrible day or terrible after a great day.

    interesting - Consent forms says I will not be asked for personal information - yet I am asked to provide my email address during the survey.

    sounds a tad dogdy to me.

      RobbyM - It only asks you for your email address if you wish to save your responses and come back to them at a later date. Incidentally if you choose to provide this email information (which you most certainly don't have to do) rest assured it is not stored/retained and thus is not able to be seen/accessed by anyone.

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