Hideo Kojima Thinks He's Ryan Gosling Now

The man? That's Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. The jacket? That's a replica of Ryan Gosling's from the movie Drive. With Hollywood's big night looming, a little Oscar party cosplay, perhaps?



    The jacket is absolutely brilliant. It's very japanese so it's no surprise he appreciates it.

    The man has taste. Excellent movie

    The movie was more violent than I expected but damn was it awesome.

    The 1997 Drive was better. Love that movie.

    Great movie. Surprised Kojima is a fan of it, though. I'd have thought it would have been a bit too short for his liking :P

      If by great you mean dull and overrated I agree, don't get me wrong I appreciate great cinema using stillness to heighten drama but 2001 it wasn't, in fact it woul have been a lot better if for every long dramatic pause Ryan Gosling Kristen stewarted his way through they played the blue Danube.

    Well I remember seeing his Twitter feed with how much he loved the movie and then how much he wanted this jacket. He also wanted Steve McQueen's jacket from The Great Escape, maybe we will see that too.

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