How Does The Razer Blade Handle Guild Wars 2?

When I asked you folks to suggest games for me to test out the Razer Blade, Guild Wars 2's name came up an awful lot. At the time I replied that I wouldn't have the Blade when the press beta rolled around. Well, turns out I lied.

I managed to hold onto the system for the beta, so during my dozen or so hours playing ArenaNet's next big MMO this weekend I slipped the game files onto a USB stick, transferred them over, and went to town, Razer-style.

Not too shabby, all things considered. It still auto-detected at low settings, but so did my PC, and it's slightly ridiculous.

Well that worked out. Now everyone beg to see how Mass Effect 3 runs on the Blade so I can keep it til mid-March. From there we'll wing it.


    Are there any recommended specs for GW2 yet? Probably a bit early.

    ME3 was comparable to ME2 graphically I thought?

      given its not optimised yet - performance as a whole is a bit weird. Regardless, Anet suggested that a high mid-range pc should be able to play it on the highest graphics. And that the game will be playable on 5-6 year old computers.

        I'm just wondering if by this they mean: best computer available 5 years ago, or if it will run on a low to medium level computer from a couple of years ago. Just have to wait and see really. I do hope to be able to give this a go but from the videos it does look like it might struggle on my machine.

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