How Not To Do PVP In Guild Wars 2

After spending the weekend playing Guild Wars 2 with select members of the press, I felt I had gather enough knowledge to create a video guide to the game's standard player-versus-player combat. Then I played this round.

The more hardcore alternative to Guild Wars 2 highly-accessible world-versus-world combat, the PVP in ArenaNet's upcoming MMO is mainly a capture-and-hold, objective-based system, eschewing game modes like death match or team death match which combat designer Jon Peters said generated an atmosphere unfriendly to the more casual player.

The maps are meant for teams of two to 10 players, with five-on-five being the standard for tournament play.

Not that I'd ever make it into a tournament, of course. I'd at least have a good time trying, right?


    Ok, are things usually this messy in mmo's? As in when spells go off and stuff. U can barely see a thing.

      It can be. In raid/PVP encounters when the entire group is required to "stack" (all stand in the same place) it can get very messy with 25-40 people all in the same spot all casting spells etc.

      You havent played an mmo have you? :P There isnt an mmo in the world that has what could be considered clean battles.

      Battlegrounds in WoW were hectic. Trying to figure out who you were targeting to attack was sometimes bad enough with everyone fighting in one spot and it was made worse by the fact that you were ranged or melee. Good fun though :-) alot of macro spamming

    How's the game compared to LOTRO - my main MMO atm...wondering if it'd be worth the switch when GW2 comes out

    Is this kotaku US? Did any aussie journo's play GW2? WHat's the lag like?
      Yea. have a write up.


    "I'm not very good at PvP"

    Probably has a lot to do with you not moving and just spamming the 1 hotkey... just maybe...

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