How Some Of The Best Adventure Games Ever Made...Were Made

If you've ever played an old adventure game from Sierra - so King' Quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory, etc - you need to see this old documentary showing how some of those titles were made. While the bulk of the clip is taken up with hyping the then-upcoming King's Quest VI, there are also interviews with Sierra co-founder Roberta Williams and footage of how the company' later efforts were written, scored and filmed.

Please watch it. Then join me in wishing Roberta and her husband Ken were still around.


    This came on the 15 anniversary Kings Quest Collection. I still have it.

    Yes apparently she was learning Spanish, which was quite famous... those were her words, i think they were doing a little to much LSD back then.

    Oh those video game cartridges, so less sophisticated.

    Great find, I love watching stuff like this...

    Just Awesome. I was all over QFG in my nooblet days.

    I wish I could convey to Roberta and her husband how much influence Sierra On-Line had on me as a child :)

    Growing up, playing their games, from Space Quest, to Kings quest, Leisure Suit Larry was the forbidden fruit we had to hide away and play when mum and dad went out or were at work, keeping it in hidden ( attrib -r -a -s -h) directories... heh dos commands... so that dad would never find it and punish us. We would lose ourselves for MONTHS at a time in games like Police Quest, Hero Quest (later renamed Quest for Glory) and their subsequent sequels, our imaginations running wild with the possibility of what new Quest series was just around the corner...

    True pioneers of the gaming age they were :) and I'm proud I was there when all their games were coming out. I'm glad seeing that video, I got the chance to play each of those games upon release and know the significance first hand that they all have on the industry as a whole.

    Have just released a video along these lines about the evolution of the text adventure:

    Holy Crap. Mystery House. I used to play that at school during lunchtimes (Back when it was a new game).

    It's kind of funny how a lot of things are still the same about the Games Industry as they were then, only they're a little more advanced or refined.

    Here's on on Police Quest IV:

    And here's one Sierra commissioned on the Space Quest series:

    This video came on the space quest collectors edition and I loved it, you don't see videos like this any more:

    Oh you can do the puzzles in any order. That's pretty cool.

    Always fun to see videos like this. I'm proud to still be making games in a similar fashion.


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