How The Sega Of The Future Could Look

Sega is an old brand. There's heritage in that, but also baggage. So French design firm SYN decided to take a swing at sprucing the company's image up a little!

While this is a purely fan-driven project - think of it was arty fan fiction - it's still interesting to see the ways a company that in many ways is still (brand-wise at least) stuck in the 90s could make itself more contemporary.

The thinking behind the "United" thing stems from the fact Sega, like many other Japanese publishers, does a lot more than just publish video games for home consoles and handhelds.

This is the second time this month we've seen Frenchmen try and redesign Sega; check out Elie Ahovi's ideas for a new Dreamcast we posted a few weeks ago.


    I like the breakdown, not sure overall but it would help if they actually made more high quality stuff - Image and their branding will only carry them so far.

    That logo doesn't translate well at a small size on screen. Might be fine for print purposes but those fine lines together on screen turn into a mess when viewed so small.

    In fact, the whole thing looks way better without the icon above at all. Just the text. Recreating a corporate identity is no walk in the park, but this reinvention seems a little forced.

    I still want that poorly recorded "SEEEGAAA" playing when I crank a game of theirs. This stuff just blends in with the millions of faceless corporate logos out there. It has no soul!

    Segata Sanshiro.

    That is all.

    It feels undeveloped, a lot of it's applications aren't really considered so it comes across like a student exercise more than an official re brand. It's too fine and line-y to translate well as Alex said, also I think they could have done a lot more with the sega wordmark instead of just filling it in, now it's flaws and awkward kerning are glaringly obvious, it needs streamlining and something to give it a little bit of character without moving too far away from the original 'saaayyygaahhhhh' feel.

    I like the old logo better.

      +1. Similar to the IBM logo. Timeless.

    this logo looks too retro

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