How To 'Pull A Number' On The Creator Of Final Fantasy

You know when your boss is just crazy, and criticises things for the sake of it — micro manages and demands the most nonsensical, pedantic changes for the sake of it? Isn't it awesome when you totally pull the wool over his eyes and get him to approve of the thing he just said was terrible?

Well, I'm sure Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series, isn't a terrible boss — but when Nobuo Uematsu first showed Sakaguchi the music for the very first Final Fantasy game, Sakaguchi hated it and demanded an entire new soundtrack. Uematsu did what any spurned employee would do — he totally pulled the wool over Sakaguchi's eyes.

"Well, it’s something we still talk about," said Sakaguchi, in the latest Iwata Asks. "It was during FF1. Uematsu-san presented me with the music, and I rejected it out of hand, telling him: ‘This is no good at all!’ Then he went away and just reprogrammed the order of the songs, and I approved it straight away, saying: ‘This is it!’

"He really did a number on me," said Sakaguchi.

"I certainly did," laughed Uematsu.

Iwata Asks: The Last Story [Nintendo]


    Oh man, that mo is glorious.

      Hahaha I can't believe I didn't notice until I read your comment!

    So, if you present me all the Final Fantasy games in a different order, I might like them better without noticing they're the same?

    I've discovered over the years that simply saying "im really happy with this" when you show work to someone almost guarantees approval! Especially with external clients ;)

      Going to have to give that one a go :)

    You know you've got a winning game if its lasted 14 main series titles, not to mention direct sequels, spin offs etc.

    And you've got one of the best mo's in the industry. *tries imagine Miyamoto with a mo*

      I'd call him "Mo-Moto" if he had one...

    Why are all his games sad when he clearly is very self satisfied with his upper lip beard?

    There must be a cool story about him approving the design for Cayene/Cyan in FFVI hehe...

    Holy shit! He's an asian Jeff Foxworthy.

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