HTC's 2012 Phones Will Be PlayStation Certified

Sony Ericsson made a lot of noise in 2011 regarding 'Playstation' phones, but aside from a single model, it's all been a bit quiet since then. Now it's emerged that the first company outside of Sony to get Playstation certification will be HTC. Pocket-Lint reports on the news, with the announcement due to follow, possibly at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks. Although it appears that HTC's borrowing something from the Apple playbook; when approached for confirmation, HTC told Pocket-Lint that it "couldn't comment on rumours or speculation".

While as a gaming phone the Xperia PLAY was solid, and I do love certain PSONE titles, I'm yet to be overly wowed by the Android Playstation initiative. If HTC does come on board, it could mean big things for both companies. What's your take — would having Playstation certification make HTC's handsets more attractive? [Pocket-Lint]

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    If these PlayStation-certified phones allow me to earn trophies, I may just be willing to make the switch. PSone titles aren't enough, especially considering I own a PSP and that functionality is more-than-likely on its way for the Vita as well.

    A phone is a phone and a Vita is a Vita!

    The Playstation brand just isn't compelling enough to make any difference in my decision to buy one phone vs another. Maybe if Sony scrapped the Vita project, and devoted dev teams to making portable games on HTC phones that would make a difference, but even then, there are other factors that make a bigger difference when choosing a phone. One thing that is for sure though is that ports of PS1 games don't interest me at all.

    YAY, Now i can update my N-Gage!
    Seriously though, shoehorning games designed for consoles - dont work.
    Make a device thats a addition to console - works.
    IE: you play Skyrim at home, then on bus you can do inventory management on your phone.

    Hmmm when i used to work at telstra we had an enormous amount of problems with the HTC so hopefully when it comes to this they can get it right. I wouldn't mind have a playstation phone(Crash Bandicoot!) but at the end of the day i'd rather have my blackberry and a vita than a diet psp/vita.

    It's only really interesting to me if it has proper physical gaming controls like the XPeria Play.

    The Xperia Play was a great idea let down by the fact that the phone itself was way too underpowered compared to the leading smartphones at the time. If they bring out something that's on a par with the current iPhone or the new Samsung Galaxy S3 (due out sometime soon, I believe) but with gaming controls add on too, I'd definitely be interested.

    While I wouldn't mind playing some PS1 games on it (I'd love Everybody's Golf if they made that available), it'd be really handy for emulators... I've got Super GNES and it works fine, but playing stuff like Super Mario World with touch screen controls just sucks and sucks hard. With a real d-pad and buttons it'd be a different story.

      I know that all the specs say it is underpowered, but being an owner of an xperia play, I don't see in what way it is relevant ,it might just load things a few seconds slower. All the phones run the same apps and software etc. and they are all designed for the lowest common denominator so that they can keep market share. Only a few fancy games use advanced graphics and they only run on a couple of phones. Overall it is just a regular current gen smart phone with playstation controls.

      I actually find most other android phones to be 90% the same. Just some slight interface tweaks that come down to personal preference.

      Sony need to release a new Xperia Play now they own Sony-Ericson.
      The old one (my current phone) suffers from a host of little issues that are quite an annoyance: it could use a better CPU, more ram, Definitely more internal storage (for a gaming phone is has no where near enough, not everything can be installed to the sd card), and finaly Link it to the F-ing PSN and let us download the PS1 Games we own, and buy new ones, is that to much to ask...

      Other than that, and the pitiful lack of actual PS1 games released on it, it's a great phone.

      It really is a good device, it's just a bit dissapointing, more so that they don't seem to want to make one with these things fixed... surely it cant be that hard...

        I own one too... It tends to bug me when I get the "Wait" or "Force Close" message because an app is running so slow, over all the Play is a good device, it is just underspecced and in need of a revised version (I'd buy it)

          I just bought an Xperia Play 2 weeks ago!
          So far so good and games are fantastic on real d-pad and buttons instead of stupid touch screen.

          The only problem I just encountered yesterday was you can unlock the phone simply by sliding out the gamepad.
          Haven't done a search on the net to see if you can lock it. Not very safe.

    Given that the PlayStation Suite SDK wasn't available until about 6 months after the release of the Xperia Play, it's not that surprising that you didn't see much content apart from the PS1 games.

    It'll take a bit more time before we see what developers can do with the SDK.

    Considering all the problems i've had with my HTC phone as have absolutely everybody else i know with one, i'll never get one again no matter what features they add.

    A little off topic, but I'd be very interested to see what would happen if Google or Apple bought Sony. I don't know if it would be a good idea or not, but the inevitable merging of the brands would likely introduce some very interesting products to the market.

    I for one would be quite happy to be playing the next final fantasy or whatever on my apple or google branded tv, with no console in sight...

    Yeah... See, I'm getting a Vita for a couple of reasons. Mainly because there are a lot of titles I'm looking forward to which would play a lot better on that hardware.
    That, and I really wouldn't like to accidentally drain my battery getting too into a game on my phone in case of emergencies. So yeah, shove your game phone.

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