Humble Indie Bundle Comes To Android

The Humble Indie Bundles never seem to stop. We have lost count of how many bundles have been created and the bundles we've bought have formed their own pile of gaming shame. Now that pile can grow some more... on the mobile platform.

Four games are coming to the Humble Bundle for Android, Mac, Linux and Windows. The collection begins with Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, EDGE, and if you pay more than the average price ($US5.29) you will also received World of Goo. Buying the bundle for Android also gives you the Mac, Windows and Linux versions of the games.

The bundle is available for purchase here. As usual, you will be able to choose how much of your money goes to the developers, the charity Child's Play, and the Humble Indie Bundle organisers.


    I got the email this morning and bought it straight away. $10 for all 4 of these games is a bargain!

      Oh as always, you can also get the Steam keys for these games in addition to an Android download link.

      Aaaaand just to clarify, I opted for $10. =D

    "Humble Indie Bundie" - Is there some rum included? :D

    The average this morning was about $8, but that was just before release when I could've had my chance to get in the top 10 :(

      Just checked - the average is at $5.77 at the moment.

      just after release*

      lol, I have fixed that typo. How embarrassing.

    If I get a giftable code, will I get a code for each game, or the whole bundle?

    Soooo tempted but my phone is only compatible with 2 of the games. I know you get the PC versions but I'm still working my way through HB4 (the one that also included HB3).

    lol ... with the strong Aussie it was actually even cheaper at checkout - 10USD = 9.40AUD

    I have three of four games and still buying it just for my future Android phone! I've got Osmos and Edge on iOS too... so buying them for the third time!

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