I Bet I Know Why You Will Play Kinect Star Wars' Dance-Off At Least Once

It's going to take a hell of a turnaround to get me to change my tune on Kinect Star Wars. Yeah, Totilo said the game's improved over what I played at E3, but, come on, a dancing game? I mean, how stupid is that. Do I look like a guy who wants to —

Fast-forward to 4:40.

OK. I'll... I'll give that a shot.

Also, that Rancor Rampage (2:45) looks insane. Chucking droids, smashing Sandpeople and eating Jawas? Hell yes, sign me up for that ride. That looks hilarious.

Kinect Star Wars - Galactic Dance Off, Rancor Rampage, Podracing [Zoomin.tv — h/t Tim F.]


    Mass murdering innocents as a rancor? A dancing game starring slaves?

    So basically this proves that noone has any idea how to make a Kinect game that isn't either dancing or minigame shovelware.

      Or sports. Although, minigame shovelware sports sadly sells incredibly well - look at Wii Sports [insert whatever location they're up to now]

        The Gunstringer? It's pretty awesome, but very very short

        Sports mini games could be great, if they were 1:1, but they never are.

    Not sure it warrants the price tag, but a rancor riot after a few drinks with a group of friends would rock. I see someone doing a XBLA take on this, with a $5 price tag though. And the racer, it does look like a shit version of the EP1 racer. That game was a lot of fun to play, if a little rough around the edges, where as this look polished and boring.

    that... looks....so SO horrible

    This game is likely to cause many disturbances in the force.

      Like a million voices crying out in pain...still crying out...MAKE IT STOP!!!

    You don’t need to see his identification … This isnt the star wars game you’re looking for … He can go about his business … Move along.

    Continuing the trend of star wars lines... I know watching leia as a slave girl dancing provocatively is enticing, but beware...

    ... ITS A TRAP!

    Yeah. I went to 4:40. It just made me even grumpier than I already was...

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