I Don't Remember Skyrim Being This Sexy

Cold, yes. Leafy, yes. But even the most daring female companion in the game had the sense to wear more armour than this.

Then again, this being the harmless cosplay of Jessica Nigri (shot by 12 North's Larry Stone), all is well. It's not like a troll is going to come bursting out of the treeline.

One word of advice though, Jessica: you might want to cover up those knees if you want to keep adventuring like this.

Skyrim Cosplay Shoot [12 North, thanks spongeboy1985]



    Is it Luke Plunketts sole job to post constant cosplay photos, copy/paste articles from other sites.

    How you can guys ever hope to be a legitimate news site if a guy like this is working for you

      >Is it Luke Plunketts sole job to post constant cosplay photos
      Sounds like he's infringing on Bashfield's territory!

      I have no problems with that at all! I do not have the time during the day for checking a quazillion sites for news, opinions or any other stuff related to gaming. That's why I read Kotaku; the AU-version for good journalism and the NA-version for the trash. Perfect!

    Its like being on a forum all day and copy pasting articles....and getting paid for it.
    This guy has the best job in the world!

      ^ This, give me a job doing this please.

    When a bitch wears a helmet it's not because she's pretty.

      What, you don't like what you see?

      When she looks like this:
      It's very easy to argue against you.

        Dazzling the world with her wits.

    No skyrim post is complete without an arrow to the knee joke

    "I Don’t Remember Skyrim Being This Sexy"
    you need to get some mods.

    Where's the shot of the Dragonborn catching Butterflies?

    she looks like something is stuck up her buthole, not hot...

    you don't remember skyrim being this sexy?

    ur probs getting the wrong mods then

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