I Sure Couldn't Draw Half-Life This Well From Memory

We've written about the very cool blog "Mapstalgia" before, where Josh Miller is collecting drawings from users who re-create levels from their favourite video games for memory.

He's still at it, and has added a whole bunch of new maps, from Tony Hawk Pro Skater to Halo: Combat Evolved to the below map of the first eight levels of Half-Life as drawn by user Corinthian.

Man, that Corinthian fellow sure has one impressive memory! He even remembers where the enemies were. I think my own recollection of the first eight levels of Half Life would be pretty vivid up until the part where the scientist falls down the elevator shaft, then it would sort of fall apart.

Check out the full drawing below, or view the high-res version here.

They're still taking submissions, so break out your pen and paper and go send something in!

Mapstalgia [Official Site]


    I like it. one question "from users who re-create levels from their favourite video games for memory.", was that supposed to be "for memory"?

    Either way, it looks pretty cool. I can't seem to even remember the actual objectives in games.

      It is meant to be from memory. No source material or the checking the map.
      Just see what you can dredge up from the murky depths of your mind

    I used to be able to draw detailed maps of Splinter Cell levels for friends who were playing the game.

    I must have played the first Splinter Cell so many times... I even memorised nearly all the door codes in the entire game.

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