I Want My 3G, But I Don't Wanna Use It

According to a recent survey done by the Weekly Famitsu, for people who have purchased a PSVita, 59 per cent* answered that they had purchased the 3G/Wi-Fi model, showing a relative popularity over the standard Wi-Fi model.

However, when asked what network they used regularly, 90 per cent** answered that they used Wi-Fi (compared to the 5 per cent who used the 3G network), showing a drastic disparity between the number people who bought a 3G/Wi-Fi model and the number of people who actually utilise the 3G network feature.

Of the people who purchased a 3G/Wi-Fi model, many answered that the reason behind their choice was because they wanted the GPS feature that is not included in the Wi-Fi only model. On the other hand, for those who chose the Wi-Fi model, one of the common motivators for their choice seemed to be a general aversion to the 3G payment plans.

Considering that in Japan, portable game systems are the dominant market, these numbers should give Sony marketing executives some second thoughts about how to approach the US market.

*Out of 1017 valid responses. **Out of 300 valid responses.

Top photo: Koji Sasahara/AP


    There is a world of difference between 3G coverage in Japan and the US and Australia. Don't forget poor US is locked to AT&T as well. I can't see 3G being anywhere near that popular outside of Japan.

    I have pre-ordered the 3G version without any intention of ever putting a sim card in the Vita... I guess it's a 'might as well have the feature, just in case I want it one day' kind of motivation for some people?

      THIS. You've summed up everything I thought through when making the decision to buy 3G. I'll use Wifi 99% of the time, but if something comes along that takes kickass advantage of 3G, I'll be glad to have it.

    I think it's more about having the option. Wireless will always take priority unless it's not available. It's faster, and (usually) free. I'll be putting a SIM in my 3G Vita, but probably won't be using it very often.

    I think network coverage and usage charges are always the biggest concern with 3G devices.

    But...one sample size is three times the size of the other.

    There's no normalisation of that data at all before generation of statistics.

    This is sloppy! /shakefist

    In other news: Yeah, not sure about 3G outside of Japan. I know it'd be useless in most of Aus - also, can't you not play games via 3G?

    I'm still tossing up between 3G and WiFi...
    I just like the idea of having the option.

    Isn't the 3g model the only one to have gps functionality, that would be the only selling point for the 3g model for me.

    If the mobile companies were not so stingy with the download limit on the 3g crap i reckon more people would use it :\

    If you are in Australia you can get the Amaysim sim card for 39.90 and get 4gb of data

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