Iconic Japanese Mecha Inspired... A Wi-Fi Tower?

Patlabor, the iconic Japanese anime, will be reborn this year — as a Wi-Fi tower. Osaka's MSystem is rolling out a new series of "intelligent" Wi-Fi towers named after the Patlabor mecha, complete with licensing approval for using the moniker.

The tower's design was based on the AV-98 Ingram, the Tokyo Police Patrol labour ("Patlabor") featured in the anime. The Wi-Fi tower is over 0.6m tall and is designed for industrial or business use to help monitor equipment as well as things like temperature. It's equipped with a warning system as well as four LED lights: red, orange, green and blue.

Patlabor debuted in 1988 and was created by Mamoru Oshii, perhaps best known in the West for Ghost in the Shell.

エム・システム技研、「機動警察」タイプ表示灯 「日刊工業新聞]


    In 5-10 years Japan will really have their mobile suits ready for war. The future is transformers!

    ...yep, & they'll OWN the greater world (& all your bases, naturally.)

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