Idol's Mother Arrested For 'Obscene Acts' With Student

The 44-year-old mother of singer Minami Takahashi was arrested for obscene acts with a 15-year-old boy. Takahashi, 20, is a member of AKB48, the country's most popular female pop group and, CNET reported, a US$200 business.

According to Jiji Press (via the Tokyo Reporter), the mother, pictured above, told police, "I was compelled to do several terrible things." She was fined 500,000 violating an ordnance regarding healthy youth development.

Mother of AKB48 member Minami Takahashi arrested [Tokyo Reporter]


    A $200 business! I should quit my day job now and join a pop group.

      Go go gadget Bashcraft! Weeeeeee!

    Wah? How is this even related to video games?

      In Kotaku US, you do not question Bashcraft or his obsession with all things Japanese, no matter how irrelevant they are. Nor do you question his superlative journalistic and/or proof reading skills.

    Ashcraft you fucking suck


    "She was fined 500,000 violating an ordnance regarding healthy youth development."

    What the hell is a 'violating an ordnance regarding healthy youth development', and where can I get 500,000 of them?

      I think he meant 500,000 yen

        Indeed he did, and maybe the sentence would be fine without that detail if it wasn't missing some other important words, like, 'for'.

    Ironically, I clicked on this article purely for the comments, and have thus contributed to increasing the number of pageviews.

      I saw the author and the typos and also came just for the comments...

      Must be something in the water over in Japan.

    Ashcroft is far more interesting than the losers who add negative comments ad nauseum to everything he posts. Last time I was in Japan akb48 were still no. 1 on the charts and well and truly (k)otaku.

      Nice try, Bashcraft's sockpuppet.

      They were well and truly "The Gamer's Guide: Videogame News and Reviews"?

        I guess that just means Bashcraft doesn't need to find any flimsy videogame connection to his japanophile posts anymore.

    Sloppy article this one.. but the chinese hacking den one was ok so it ain't all bad.

    what did i just read i seriously have no idea all ive learnt is evidently japanese pop stars don't earn much money

    What obscene acts..?
    This site is sh­it, you click on the article and then there's no extra information that wasn't in the preview on the page before.

    I just don't understand how you can make so mny mistakes when you simply "cut and paste" for a living.

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